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Published 30 March 2023

Speaknix is a visionary voice AI research and deployment company, dedicated to crafting a world where content is universally accessible in any language and voice.

At the core of our innovation, Speaknix develops the most realistic, adaptable, and contextually intelligent AI audio, offering the capability to generate speech in an extensive range of both new and familiar voices in over 20 languages. As a trailblazer in voice AI technology, Speaknix stands at the vanguard of pioneering cutting-edge advancements in the field. We provide our users—from content creators to publishers and various other industries—with access to the most sophisticated models and features, available through an intuitive web app or a versatile API. Our commitment at Speaknix is to bridge linguistic divides, enabling seamless and inclusive communication across the globe.

Our Mission

At Speaknix, our ambition extends beyond today's technology. We are committed to pioneering on-demand multilingual audio support across various sectors, including education, entertainment, gaming, and real-time conversations. Our ongoing research not only enhances our platform's current capabilities but also fuels our ultimate goal: to seamlessly convert spoken audio between languages. The AI dubbing tool, slated for release later this year, promises to revolutionize content consumption by enabling automatic re-voicing of any audio or video content in different languages while maintaining the original speaker's essence.

Our Expertise

Speaknix prides itself on a team of world-class researchers, engineers, and linguists who are not only experts in their fields but also share a collective passion for innovation and inclusivity. This synergy of talent and dedication is the driving force behind our trailblazing solutions.

Partnerships and Collaborations

Our journey has been enriched by strategic partnerships with leading educational institutions, entertainment conglomerates, and technology firms. These collaborations have not only expanded our horizons but also allowed us to tailor our technology for diverse applications, ensuring that Speaknix remains a versatile and integral tool for various industries.

Accolades and Recognition

Speaknix's pioneering work has garnered recognition from esteemed organizations within the tech community. Our contributions to AI and linguistic accessibility have been acknowledged through numerous awards and invitations to speak at international conferences, reinforcing our position as a leader in the voice AI domain.

Looking to the Future

As we look to the future, Speaknix is excited about the potential of integrating emotion recognition and response capabilities into our AI voices, bringing us one step closer to truly human-like interactions. We are also exploring the realms of virtual reality and augmented reality, envisioning a future where our technology not only speaks but also acts and reacts within immersive environments.

Press Contact

Speaknix values collaboration and is keen on sharing our breakthroughs and visions with the world. If you're a member of the press interested in our technology and initiatives, please reach out to us at press@speaknix.com Kindly include your name, affiliation, the subject of interest, and your deadline, if applicable.

At Speaknix, we believe that the future of communication is not just about being understood, it's about being felt and experienced. Join us as we continue to push the boundaries of what's possible with voice AI.

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